Stay on Course with This DIY Blister Kit

Whether you are on a leisurely hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, running an OCR race, or in the middle of a six-mile forced march up the Alpha Shelf, painful blisters are a reality. Here is how to make a blister kit.

This is the same kit I carried with me during my time in the Marines and has been a staple for adventure races, hikes, and long days at Disney Land since.

Here is what you will need:

Small hand-sized pouch or Heavy Duty Sandwich sized Ziploc
8 inches of Duct Tape wrapped around an old credit card
(2) Triple Antibiotic Pouches (Neosporin)
(4) IV Prep Alcohol Wipes
(1) Package of Compeed Blister Cushions
(4) Durable Band-Aids
(1) Pin or small folding blade

Take all of the above items and place them into a small pouch. I recommend you waterproof them by putting them in a sandwich sized Ziploc bag first, depending on where you are going and for how long. Place the package in an accessible place in your pack or CamelBak.

Blisters generally start as “hot spots” or painful areas on the foot and quickly materialize into blisters. When you think you have a hot spot, it is worth your time to stop, remove your shoe or boot, and begin prepping the blister. Clean the spot with the alcohol and apply either duct tape or a blister product. If the spot is in a very high friction area such as the pad of your foot, use duct tape. If it is on a toe, heel, etc. use the blister cushions.

If you have developed a blister, clean the area with the alcohol, lance it, apply the Neosporin and use the Compeed or duct tape.

Remember that blisters generally come up when your feet are wet or your socks are soggy. Make sure you have properly fitting shoes, powder, and extra pairs of socks before you go on any long hike, run, or walk.

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