Gear up for a Day Hike with This Checklist

Going on a day hike? We’ve put together a checklist to make sure you have the right gear going out the door.

Every time we go out on a short hike, these are the bare essentials that make up our gear list. Here are a couple of guidelines to remember:

  1. Two is one, one is none
  2. It is better to have it and not need than to need it and not have it


  • Lightweight, waterproofed 25-40 liter backpack
  • Map with route drawn on it
  • Compass (we use the Suunto Navigator)
  • GPS
  • Pocket knife or multi-tool
  • Lighter or Waterproof Matches
  • Sun Protection (lip balm and sunscreen)
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Headlamp or Flashlight*
  • First Aid Kit (recommend BooBoo kit by ITS tactical)
  • Blister Kit (check out our guide on how to build one)
  • Nutritious, salty foods such as trail mix or meal bars to keep your energy levels up
  • Water bottles 2-3 L (1 Nalgene = 1 L)
  • Waterproofed camping tarp or makeshift shelter
  • Lightweight woobie blanket with zipper
  • Cat hole tool or mini-shovel
  • Package of baby wipes
  • Cell phone and camera (waterproofed)
  • Trash bag (do your part!)

Clothing Items

  • Moisture-wicking T-shirt or Base Layer
  • Moisture-wicking, supportive underwear
  • Extra set of socks (1 for every 3 miles, depending on terrain)
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking pants/shorts (Athleta or Arc’Teryx)
  • Mid-layer fleece (Polartec) or vest
  • Headband/Bandana
  • Beanie
  • Waterproofed rain/wind shell jacket (an absolute must)
  • Hiking boots or shoes with gaiters (broken in)

Optional Items

* Anytime you have a battery-powered device with you, always have extra batteries in a waterproof bag

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